NutraIngredients Awards 2023

The Akkermansia Company™ is proud to announce that we have been named finalists in the NutraIngredients Awards 2023 for Product of the Year: Microbiome Modulation

The Akkermansia Company™ weight management with glucose control supplements has now formally been recognised among the best products on the European market for modulating the microbiome to improve health. This is a tremendous achievement, and we are thrilled to be recognised for our efforts in improving human metabolic health through microbiome solutions. 

Founded by the two scientists who discovered the Akkermansia strain in 2004, The Akkermansia Company™ offers the world’s first and only dietary supplement with pasteurised Akkermansia. Our ground-breaking research has shown that Akkermansia has significant potential to restore intestinal barrier function and as a result, supports weight management and glucose control. 

We look forward to the awards ceremony and wish all finalists the best of luck 

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