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Weight Management*

With glucose control**


Have you ever wondered why some of us have to try harder to keep healthy?

Turns out, one of the answers to this is inside our bodies: not enough Akkermansia.

Discover why a healthy gut microbiome is so important for our overall wellbeing.

Level up your Akkermansia today and discover why.

* EGCG Green Tea : helps with your weight control

** Chromium : contributes to the maintenance of your normal glucose levels
* EGCG Green Tea : helps with your weight control

** Chromium : contributes to the maintenance of your normal glucose levels

the science

From the scientists who discovered Akkermansia

The Akkermansia CompanyTM was founded by the two scientists who discovered the Akkermansia strain in 2004.



our patents

Key Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio with 5 patent families


Prof. Patrice D. Cani

Prof. Willem M. de Vos

Prof. Willem M. de Vos

“I have a dream that one day
people will stop me in the street to tell me that
Akkermansia has changed their life.”

Prof. Patrice D. Cani


In 2035, 4 billion people may be overweight or affected by obesity*. In 2045, 783 million people will have diabetes**.


Why Akkermansia

Akkermansia – the missing link to better health comes from within

With low levels of Akkermansia, toxins and fat enter the body, leading to excessive weight gain and related diseases such as insulin intolerance, cardiovascular disorders and fatty liver.

Restoring the natural level of Akkermansia is key to overcoming lifestyle diseases and getting back to living a healthier life.

Gut health is crucial to our overall health and well-being. And Akkermansia – the most dominant bacteria species in the gut by far – plays an essential role.


Press releaseS and publications

NutraIngredients Awards 2023 - Finalist

The Akkermansia Company™ has been named finalists in the NutraIngredients Awards 2023 for Product of the Year: Microbiome Modulation

The Akkermansia Company™ and Metagenics launch pasteurised next-generation healthy bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila in BeNeLux in September 2022


Akkermansia, the spin-off from UCLouvain, launches its bacterium to combat excess weight

HET Bieuwsblad

Belgian discovery leads to weight-loss pill

Why is one gut bacterium present so frequently in the gut of slim and healthy people and so infrequently in those who are obese?

The Akkermansia Company™ and Metagenics launch pasteurised healthy bacteria

Le Soir

A food supplement to aid weight control will be launched in September

Scientific Study


of Europeans over 18 are overweight1
(based on adult population in 2019)

Manage your weight2 and control your glucose level3


1 Over half of adults in the EU are overweight – Products Eurostat News – Eurostat (
2 EGCG Green Tea: helps with your weight control
3 Chromium: contributes to the maintenance of your normal blood glucose levels

Customer Reviews


“The Akkermansia CompanyTM Weight Management – a great supplement I have taken this product for 6 weeks now and continue to be impressed by its effect on my overall wellbeing. Not only do I have my glucose level under control but my weight has also been reduced.”


Very excited!

“So thrilled that The Akkermansia CompanyTM have launched this new product. I have been learning a great deal about the positive impact of Akkermansia and now I can buy it from a company that I can really trust. One easy tablet to take daily and Super easy checkout process.”


Forever Grateful

“I have been using Weight Management with glucose control for 4 weeks and can immediately feel the results. My pants are getting looser which is always a great sign – super happy”


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