A Scientific Breakthrough

In 2004, the team of Professor Willem M. de Vos at Wageningen University discovered, described, and patented the application of the novel bacterium Akkermansia muciniphila MucT™ and its growth conditions for human use.  

Dr. Muriel Derrien, a PhD student under de Vos' guidance, successfully isolated and characterized Akkermansia muciniphila. It was the same team that named the strain in honor of Dr. Anton Akkermans, a famous microbial ecologist working in the lab.

This revolutionary strain helps to strengthen and support the gut barrier to protect against gastrointestinal, metabolic, and immune disorders including obesity, diabetes, and low-grade inflammation.

*Akkermansia muciniphila is naturally occurring in your gut but can diminish with age and lifestyle changes. Professor De Vos and his team discovered an effective solution to replenish it, pioneering a breakthrough in the industry. After years of research, they engineered pasteurized Akkermansia MucT™, the strain’s most bio-efficacious and clinically studied form.

In simple terms, our solution is designed to work.

Pioneers of Pasteurized Akkermansia muciniphila

For Akkermansia muciniphila to protect the gut, it first must get to the gut. Many products containing Akkermansia muciniphila are probiotics, which are often destroyed by oxygen, stomach acid, and bile salts. We are the first and only team to develop pasteurized Akkermansia MucT™—a postbiotic—giving it a much higher success rate of reaching the gut because it’s more stable and less sensitive.*

Trailblazers of Longevity

Our pursuit for optimal health doesn’t stop at the gut. By strengthening the gut barrier, Akkermansia MucT™ reinforces the immune system’s response to undesired  bacteria, which helps slow the inflammatory response in your body and optimize your health holistically.*

Years of Discovery

A timeline

Years of Discovery

A timeline

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