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Health-Boosting Product from The Akkermansia Company could Aid Weight Loss and Fight Obesity 

Obesity is among the most common causes of ill health in western societies, but a new product from The Akkermansia Company promises new hope for those focused on weight management. The increasingly sedentary 21st-century lifestyle and a growing tendency to favour highly-processed foods have led to a record number of people struggling with weight problems. Unfortunately, those extra kilograms are not merely reflected in the mirror and a leap in the sale of outsized clothing. Sometimes, a commitment to control one’s weight is simply not enough to ensure successful weight management and further assistance is needed in the form of a reliable food supplement.

Mounting evidence suggests that the underlying cause of surplus belly fat may be an ailing digestive system. In addition to three groups of digestive enzymes, amylases, proteases and lipases, a healthy gut contains millions of bacteria, technically known as intestinal microbiota. These microscopic organisms consist of thousands of different species, many of which have yet to be identified and studied in detail. While some are known to repress the growth of potentially pathogenic species present, others have been shown to play a direct or indirect role in the digestive process. These observations have led to a notable addition to the plethora of available dietary supplements in the form of probiotics. 

Founders of The Akkermansia Company Discovered a New Type of Gut Bacteria

In 2004, a research team, led by Professor Willem M. de Vos of the Wageningen University in The Netherlands, isolated and classified a species of the genus Akkermansia with the ability to degrade intestinal mucin as a source of nutrient carbon and nitrogen. In collaboration with Professor Patrice D. Cani of the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium, their work would lead to the manufacture of a new supplement and the formation of The Akkermansia Company. Let's look at the other crucial milestones in the remarkable journey, from concept to market. 

  • 2019: During this year, the results of Professor Cani's first double-blind pilot study were published in Nature Medicine. The study confirmed that the daily administration of a pasteurised preparation of muciniphila over three months was both safe and well-tolerated. In the same year, the founders applied to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for approval of the use of pasteurised Akkermansia muciniphila as a novel food ingredient within the EU.
  • 2020: A second team of researchers at Wageningen University published the results of a 90-day non-clinical toxicological study that confirmed the safety of pasteurised muciniphila as a food ingredient.
  • 2021: Finally, this novel organism became the first next-generation bacterium to gain EFSA approval.

A Tried-and-Tested Weight Management Product from The Akkermansia Company 

Results from volunteer users overwhelmingly confirm the value of our patented compilation of EGCG Green Tea, an effective ingredient in controlling weight, Chromium, a contributor to the maintenance of healthy blood glucose levels, and Vitamin B2, a contributor to the maintenance of normal red blood cells and an energy-yielding metabolism, with pasteurised Akkermansia muciniphila. Feel free to contact us should you be interested in this cutting-edge and effective product for weight management with glucose control.

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