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What Makes The Akkermansia Company a Leader in Weight Management Control? 

Obesity in Europe could soon affect almost 60% of adults, but a new probiotic food supplement now offers superior weight management control. Besides the aesthetic downside of excess weight, it can often lead to embarrassment, exclusion from social activities and depression and is frequently accompanied by fatigue following relatively minor exertion. However, the most significant concern for these individuals is the potentially heightened health risks.

Although estimates vary, every pound of surplus body fat could require five additional miles of blood vessels, increasing strain on the heart. Therefore, those extra kilos may adversely affect your health. The answer to facilitating a healthier lifestyle may come in the form of successful weight management. 

Safe and Effective Weight Management Control is Essential but Hard to Find 

Potential threats to health and life are compelling reasons to consider weight management control. However, at times, failure to manage weight effectively cannot be attributed to an individual's efforts. So, what is the solution? Researchers from The Netherlands and Belgium have developed a new food supplement that controls weight and maintains blood glucose levels to assist in successful weight management.

After extensive testing, The Akkermansia Company has launched and developed a food supplement with probiotic properties, which is:

1)  Composed of Multiple Active Ingredients

The ingredient used in the preparation of this product offers users a four-pronged approach to weight management and improved well-being:

  1. Green tea contains a compound, known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (ECGC), which is a natural antioxidant that limits cellular damage by reducing free radical formation. It also aids in effective weight management control.
  2. Chromium in the product is an essential mineral known to play a role in the process by which insulin regulates the body’s blood sugar level contributing to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. Low levels of chromium can increase blood glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol, and the attendant risks of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  3. The preparation also contains riboflavin (Vitamin B2), a water-soluble compound that contributes to the maintenance of normal red blood cells and normal energy-yielding metabolism. All unused riboflavin is excreted in the urine and requires regular replacement.
  4. The novel ingredient is pasteurised Akkermansia muciniphila, a gut microbe that has been pasteurised to increase the organism’s potency and avoid the use of live cultures.
Guaranteed Safe for Human Use

A randomised, double-blind study, published in Nature Medicine, confirms that prolonged ingestion of A. muciniphila is well-tolerated and safe. Later, a toxicology evaluation confirmed that, following pasteurisation, the risk of toxicity is negligible.

EFSA Approved

Last year, A. muciniphila became the first next-generation bacterium to obtain the approval of the European Food Safety Authority.

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The Akkermansia Company offers a user-friendly solution that allows you to prioritise your health without guilt or stigma. Through innovative science, you can enjoy the results of successful weight management. The Akkermansia Company will shortly be extending its product portfolio. To learn more, click here and, at the bottom of the page, provide your email address to start receiving our newsletter.

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