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A-Mansia Biotech Drives New Weight Management Product from The Akkermansia Company 

Many food supplements exist, but few can justify their claims. A-Mansia Biotech rebranded as The Akkermansia Company, offers weight loss* and glucose control**. The company was formed following the findings of research projects performed at the Belgian University of Louvain (UCL) and Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Both establishments are widely recognised for their extensive studies of the human gut microbiome, its composition, role and the influence it can have on our health. 

Under ordinary circumstances, we remain largely unaware of the balance created by the many species of microorganisms that thrive in our gastrointestinal tract. However, when that balance is disturbed, pathogens like Salmonella typhi and Listeria monocytogenes can take over, causing severe illness. In addition, it has long been known that the composition of intestinal flora varies between individuals and can profoundly influence our physical and mental health. While the latter concept was first postulated during the late 18th century, the gut-brain axis, a bidirectional communication pathway linking peripheral intestinal function to cognitive and emotional centres in the brain, was only confirmed in the 1960s. It is now known that the gut’s flora influences that link. Later, the biotech startup explored the relationship between obesity and diabetes and the gut microbiome. 

A-Mansia Biotech’s Breakthrough Followed the Discovery of a New Bacterial Species

The original venture has since been rebranded as The Akkermansia Company. The new brand symbolises the isolation, identification and characterisation of a new species of the genus after which it is named. Professor Willem M de Vos of Wageningen made the initial discovery in 2004, later collaborating with Professor Patrice D. Cani of UCL. The new species, Akkermansia muciniphila, colonises the intestinal mucosa, promoting mucus thickening and increasing gut barrier function. These strictly anaerobic organisms don’t rely on the host’s food for essential nutrients. Instead, they metabolise mucin to produce a range of short-chain fatty acids. In turn, these metabolites serve as a source of nutrition for many other species found in the gut, thus helping to maintain their numbers. 

Studies by the founders of A-Mansia Biotech and their peers in many of the world’s most prestigious research labs have identified a relationship between gut health and body fat in which an imbalance can lead to obesity, which has attained epidemic status in most first-world countries. Conversely, based on the results of the experimental treatment of induced obesity in rodents, there is equally strong evidence that rectifying that imbalance can facilitate weight loss. 

Experiments have shown that it is well-tolerated by humans. In 2021, the European Food Safety Authority reported A. muciniphila to be safe to be used in food supplements and foods for special medical purposes (as defined in Regulation (EU) No 609/2013). The proposed target population is the general adult population, excluding pregnant and lactating women. A. muciniphila is a well‐characterised non‐toxin producing, avirulent microorganism that has been reported as part of normal gut microbiota. The EFSA approval applies only to products containing less than 10 CFU/g (Colony Forming Units per gram).

A Novel A-Mansia Biotech Product from The Akkermansia Company

Our food supplement contains pasteurised A. muciniphila. It also includes EGCG Green Tea to supplement weight management*, Chromium to stabilise blood glucose levels** and Vitamin B2 to help maintain the intestinal mucosa. If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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